A tasty story, with animals
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Picture this, a world where you can experience the deliciousness of eating all your favourite foods in a way that’s healthy, sustainable, and ethical. That’s our mission at Fable. And we don’t want it to be a story; we want it to be a fact.

This is why we produce delicious tasting meat without animals.

100% Plant Based

Meat is delicious. One of life’s greatest pleasures is biting into a juicy burger or getting elbow deep into a tantalising bolognese, curry or stew. We get it. But the challenge is, there are some major issues with how we produce and consume meat today.

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The Fable Fable

The story of our story begins with a vegetarian and two mushroom geeks each on a journey to make meat like products for plant lovers. They stumbled upon a wise mushroom farmer who disclosed to them the ancient magic of the mushroom. Their incredible nutrition, their ability to cure disease, restore gut flora, and open minds, were just some of the extraordinary things they discovered.

On a walk through the lush shroom fields, the wisdom of the mycelium revealed itself. It spoke of its amazing texture, umami flavours, and ability to make an incredible base for creating delicious, meaty food. In slowing down, they were able to hear the intelligence that comes from a measured pace. From this, heavenly slow-cooked meat alternatives were earthed.
The moral of the story? There are a few. When you slow down, the finish line often comes to you. And when you try too hard to be meat, you end up getting burned.  *Mic drop*

Tasty Recipes

When you combine a mushroom expert, celebrity chefs, and a whole lot of imagination, you get the most delicious mushroom dishes known to mankind. Here are some of our favourite recipes that have been beautifully crafted by some of the best in the business.

Teriyaki Fable Poke

Teriyaki Fable Poke

Teriyaki Fable Poke Poke bowls are the most fluid and forgiving dishes of the food world. Preparation Time: 25 mins Cook time: 15 mins Serves: 4 Create it with whichever base, accompaniments and sauces that suit your fancy. This is our take but you can substitute any...

Vietnamese Lemongrass ‘Beef’ Vermicelli Salad

Vietnamese Lemongrass ‘Beef’ Vermicelli Salad

Vietnamese Lemongrass ‘Beef’ Vermicelli Salad Bún bò xào - a classic Vietnamese zesty stir fry paired with fresh and vibrant ingredients. Preparation Time: 45 mins Cook time: 15 mins Serves: 4Dressed with a tangy nước chấm and topped with peanuts and shallots - it’s a...

Fable Nachos with ‘Not-cho’ Cheese Sauce

Fable Nachos with ‘Not-cho’ Cheese Sauce

Fable Nachos with ‘Not-cho’ Cheese Sauce Who doesn’t like diving into a tray of hot cheesy nachos? Delicious, fool-proof and a crowd pleaser. Preparation Time: 30 minutes + 2 hours soaking cashews for the cheese sauce beforehand Cook time: 2-3 hours (or longer)...

Fable Chilli & Cornbread

Fable Chilli & Cornbread

Fable Chilli & Cornbread This recipe is simple, easy and oh so delicious. Dig into this meat free chilli (n)con carnePreparation Time: 15 minutes Cook time: 2-3 hours (or longer) Serves: 4This Chilli with traditional southern Cornbread is simply a match made in heaven...

Fable Moussaka

Fable Moussaka

Fable ‘Moussaka’ We have the Greeks to thank for many a great things, including the wonderfully tasty and moorish moussaka.Preparation Time: 25 minutes Cook time: 1.5-2 hour Serves: 6-8We suspect it’s what eggplants were created for in the first place. Inspired by...

Philly Cheese Fable

Philly Cheese Fable

Philly Cheese Fable Re-imagine this Philadelphia tradition reborn as a vegan Philly Cheese FablePreparation Time: 10 minutes Cook time: 10-15 minutes Serves: 4Cheese steaks are a Philadelphia tradition. This delicious version is 100% guilt-free with Fable plant based...

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