The Fable

So here’s a true story: a vegetarian, a celebrity chef, and a mushroom geek walked through the woods… (cue ray of light) and discovered a more high five-awesome way to eat.

ant to eat less meat but get a tear in your eye sacrificing your flavour? Well here’s a Fable for you.

Fable is made from Shiitake mushrooms whose dense, fleshy fibres and umami flavours are naturally meat-like. It’s juicy. Meaty. Satisfying. Just don’t call this your regular plant-based meat, because it’s so much more than that.

So go ahead, cheat on meat, we won’t tell. Tuck into simple ingredients, mindfully made – and enjoy umami meaty goodness, sans meat.

Say hello to our ingredients

We believe that real food is best, and craft our products with ingredients you’d recognise.

We're strictly free from GMO, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. It's food with nothing to hide, and as real as it should be.

Mighty in nutrition

Discover what our in-house mushroom guru has known for years – the ‘shroom is not just mighty in flavour, but also jam packed with anti-oxidants and immunity boosting goodness.

Enjoy the tastes and dishes you love while going meat-free with this nutrition powerhouse.

We love to collaborate – Heston has been part of our journey from the start and have created a range of recipes with Fable for you to enjoy. You’re welcome!

Fable Pizza

Unleash your inner Italian. It’s easy enough to make pizza dough, especially with a stand mixer. Then you just need to let it stand a while, developing lots of flavour, while you make a simple garlic butter.

After which, all you have to do is top your base with the butter, some oozy mascarpone and mozzarella, and torn-up Fable for texture and savoury flavour. A quick stint in the oven and you’ve got yourself a piece of pizza heaven.

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Created By

 We’re a tribe of mushroom-loving rebels, writing a true story with animals as characters, not dishes. You can say we’ve got a dedication to craft in our blood. Or you can simply say that we love nerding out over what we do. Passion and purpose drives us. 

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Jim Fuller

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Jim grew up as a BBQ lovin’ whiskey swillin’ Texan. He began his career as a fine dining chef 21 years ago in Texas, USA. Jim went on to study Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Science before embarking on a career as a Mycologist (Mushroom Scientist).

Jim has 15 years’ experience in cultivating culinary, exotic and medicinal mushrooms. Combining his unique knowledge of mushrooms, chemical engineering, nutritional science with his expertise as a chef and a mushroom farmer, Jim heads up research and development at Fable, where he has forged new ground in the meat alternative market with Fable’s delicious meaty food made from mushrooms. We love Jim!

Michael Fox

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael grew up as a meat loving Queenslander. As a child he once penned a song (more like a demanding chant) entitled “Steak of Glory”. He became vegetarian in 2015 for health, environmental and ethical reasons and has since gone fully vegan.

Michael loves to cook healthy food for his family which includes a 4 and 2 year old. He wanted to combine his passion for the planet with his healthy home cooking habits to create a whole food plant based meat-alternative. The result is Fable

Chris McLoghlin


Chris initially studied entrepreneurship, but then discovered regenerative agriculture and became fascinated by the role of fungi (the shrooms have got to Chris too) in creating and sustaining complex life and ecosystems.

Hooray for mushrooms! Putting his money where his mushroom eating mouth is Chris co-founded Australia’s largest Certified Organic mushroom farming company where he won some Young and Organic Farmer of the Year awards.