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The Oxford Dictionary defines a Fable as:

“A short story, usually with animals as characters, conveying a moral.”

We promise to live up to our name. We’ll produce meat alternatives that tastes like they’re from animals, without harming the animals. We’ll provide maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact. For us, this comes before the reckless pursuit of profit. Our goal is for our products to be the most responsible plant based meat products available and we’re continually looking for ways to make our products even better.  We strive for perfection, but we aren’t perfect yet. Dear lord we aren’t even close. But our intentions are pure and we will work hard to get there. Do you have an idea on what we can do better? Send us a fable.

What is this Fable?

Fable is created using ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible. Fable is based on shiitake mushrooms which make up 2/3 of the ingredient list.

Fable Founders

Jim Fuller

Jim Fuller

Co-Founder & CMO


Jim grew up as a BBQ lovin’ whiskey swillin’ Texan. Fine BBQ drew him in and Jim worked as a fine dining chef in Texas for 10 years. Wanting to understand the science behind the food he was cooking, with a young family in tow he moved to California and went to University to study Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Science.

To fund his studies Jim started working on a mushroom farm. We’re not sure if the mushrooms colonised Jim’s brain or just his beard but he was engrossed by the shrooms and he’s worked as a Mycologist (a mushroom scientist) for the last 12 years. Jim knows how to grow mushrooms, the science behind mushrooms and how to cook them to be delicious, meaty and healthy. We love Jim.

Michael Fox

Michael Fox

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael grew up as a meat loving Queenslander. As a child he once penned a song (more like a demanding chant) entitled “Steak of Glory”. He became vegetarian in 2015 for health, environmental and ethical reasons, but he still craves that steak of glory.

Michael shops at his local Sunshine Coast Farmer’s Market in Kawana on a Saturday morning, bakes sourdough, brews Water Keffir (and has gotten accidentally drunk when a batch went awry) and generally likes to cook healthy food for his family which includes a 3 and 1 year old (he promises he’s not got them accidentally drunk). He wanted to combine his cravings for meat with his healthy home cooking habits to create a whole food based plant based meat. The result is Fable.

Chris McLoghlin

Chris McLoghlin


Chris initially studied entrepreneurship and became enamoured with the agricultural industry. He discovered regenerative agriculture and became fascinated by the role of fungi (the shrooms have got to Chris too) in creating and sustaining complex life and ecosystems. 

So Chris studied permaculture, biodynamics, regenerative farming systems and, possibly after consuming too many shrooms, concluded biomimicry of fungi in society could regenerate our biosphere and human culture. Hooray for mushrooms! Putting his money where his mushroom eating mouth is Chris co-founded Australia’s largest Certified Organic mushroom farming company where he won some Young and Organic Farmer of the Year awards.

Who, Where?!

Where is Fable based?

Fable is proudly headquartered on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with a development kitchen in Melbourne, Victoria and works closely with our co-manufacturers in Malaysia and sauce manufacturers in Melbourne, Victoria.

We are working closely with distributors in Australia, The UK, Singapore and Malaysia. Please reach out to us on and we will put you in contact with the right people.


Who owns Fable?

  • Michael, Jim and Chris
  • Blackbird Ventures
  • Grok Ventures
  • Private Individuals and Employees
Which restaurants currently serve Fable?

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