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Mushroom foraging and cook up


12 Nov, 2022 | Blog | 8 comments


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Our Fable Co-Founders Jim Fuller and Chris McLoghlin (sadly Michael Fox was busy that day – oh yes, talk about FOMO) had the pleasure of taking Zac Efron, Darin Olien and the Down To Earth crew on a mystical journey through the Australian pine forest to unearth mushroom treasures for season 2 of the Netflix travel show.

This marked the very beginning of our mushroom foraging adventures for the season and we couldn’t think of a better way to start this chapter of our fable.

The crew spent the day sharing fables, learning about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of mushrooms and how mycelium networks created by fungi are the earth’s life support system.

To top it off, we got the chance to serve up our meaty mushroom goodness in an epic feast.

Who would’ve ever thought that one day we would have Zac Efron trying Fable right before our very eyes?!

It’s a fable we’ll never forget, and thank you to Zac, Darin and the Down To Earth crew for giving us the opportunity to show the world our fungi wizardry, potential and passion for mushrooms!

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  1. Taylor Gamaza

    I was able to watch this episode recently and it made me very intrigued to try this. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I do love mushrooms and these recipes look absolutely amazing.

  2. Megan Dominguez

    Love the sweatshirt from the down to earth episode. Do you have merchandise/apparel available?

  3. Laura Wilson

    We have just watched you guys on Netflix and can’t believe what we have learnt! We are so gutted we can’t find Fable here in NZ.
    We want to jump ship because this looks amazing guys! Come to NZ and save us !! 😅

  4. Michele Snider

    Thank you for saving the planet and humans. Just watched your show on Netflix.

  5. Leanne Le

    This segment was incredible and SO inspiring. Thank you for being so responsible with our planet!!! All hail the fungi kingdom.

  6. Lou

    More access to healthy incredible foods is just what the Dr. Ordered. I also would love a sweatshirt/shirt. Hook us up so we can spread your good love and start a new conversation.

  7. Veerle

    I’m obsessed!! Hopefully I can order this soon in the Netherlands, I can’t funging wait!!

  8. Justin Engler

    Super stoked to see you all in DTE2!! This segment was amazing and it’s awesome to see what you all are doing! I live in the States so I can’t wait until I can find this one day!


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